Escaping Winter: The Origin Story

Over the past few months, I decided along with my fiancee that we were going to make a major life change in 2014. Without going into the details, this past year has been a doozy, as our lives began to stagnate. I was working 60 hours a week, taking trains, buses, and bikes to get to my part-time job in Boston, while running inside the giant hamster wheel that results from being stupid, young and racking up too much debt.

The freezing winter of Massachusetts was rolling in and we’d both had enough. This year, we are going to escape winter.

An opportunity arose when Jess’ brother moved to Tucson, Arizona last July. So far he’s loved it, describing it as the type of place where everybody is in shape, friendly, and where the weather is lovely (except for the Hades-like summers, but we’ll get to that).

He threw out the idea of us moving to Arizona, staying with him for a bit until we get settled. At first I laughed at the idea. I’d done the crazy young, rebellious thing when I was 20, moving to Southern California with little knowledge of the area, no degree, and no idea of what the “economy” actually meant. Unfortunately, this was 2002 and our country was still digging out of a deep recession. Consider that this was a time when the internet was relatively new to me and I’d received my first cell phone a month before moving. Times were different (except the whole recession thing, but it’s supposedly getting better ;))

The more I thought about it, the more appealing Arizona became. Jess thought the same. Pretty soon we were both entertaining the idea seriously. Soon after that, we’d made definite plans. We ended the lease in our lovely Newton apartment, moved in with her parents for a few months, and prepared for the journey ahead.

So here it is, the big day.

We decided to drive so we could take in some of the sights of our gigantic country, most of which we’d never seen. The following posts will record the places we’ve been and the experiences we…um…experienced along the way.

I hope you enjoy the adventure and maybe even get a little inspiration to roll the dice in your own life and follow the path of what might at first seemed like a silly idea, but turned out to be the very thing you needed.

Click here for day 1


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