My Bucket List

1.  Zorbing In New Zealand


There are plenty of reasons why I want to go to New Zealand.

new zealandThe gorgeous beaches, the best oysters in the world, the Flight of the Conchords and, least surprisingly, Hobbiton. But beyond all those reasons, nothing can beat zorbing. Zorbing has become a sort of national past time in New Zealand. It is a sport (I think…) that involves getting into a plastic hamster ball and rolling down a hill. I haven’t seen any reports of tragic deaths, so I’m going to assume it’s safe.

On an unrelated note, while looking for pictures, I found out that Hamilton Zoo in New Zealand had a pair of these red panda cubs that are the most adorable things ever:

red panda cubs

2. Make A Documentary In The Socotra Islands

socotra beach

Ever since I found out it exists, I’ve had sort of a weird obsession with Socotra Island, located in between the war-torn countries of Yemen and Somalia. Socotra looks like an alien planet out of Avatar with strange plant life like the Dragon’s Blood tree:

dragon's blood tree forest

The bucket list involves traveling to Socotra, taking pictures and putting together a film in the National Geographic style. Imagine being face to face with scenes such as this:

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