A letter to my Russian hacker followers


Every writing book, teacher, and website tells the reader to know their audience.

For this post, I have a specific audience. If you are not part of this niche, then feel free to move on down the blog.

Today I am addressing my Russian comrades, who’ve been so nice as to compulsively sign up for my email updates.

Look, I know I haven’t posted in a while. But there’s no need to treat my site like a javelina feasting on a crow. Please stop following me.

Or am I wrong? Perhaps I’m a huge celebrity blogger in Russia, on the tongues of all the hacker cool kids.

Sample imagined dialogue:

Sergei: Did you see the one about his trip through Pennsylvania?

Yuri: Game changing! Absolute game changing. This guy is huge star.

Sergei: Agreed.

The two men clink glasses then pour vodka down gullets.

Okay, glad I got that out. For serious though, I’m back blogging. Many of the posts will be from Medium, where I’ve been writing for the past year or so.

My plan is to refocus my site on writing ebooks, which I’ve pleasantly discovered that I’m pretty good with. I can write them fast and write them well.

If your website or business needs an ebook, give me a shout (or…an email I guess).

I will also be posting book reviews, mainly to catalog what I’ve been reading. I read a ton of books, not to brag (because why would someone brag about that?). But I forget 90% of the books I read besides a faint memory of a passage or a random characters name. I figured you get reviews, suggestions, cautions to stay away, while I get to remember what the hell I’ve been doing for the past couple weeks. It’s a win-win.

So privyet my comrades. I hope you like being bombarded with weird book reviews.



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