Brooks Landon Building Great Sentences

Building Great Sentences: For hardcore writers only

Brooks Landon Building Great Sentences

It’s a certain type of person who would glance at the plain white cover of Brooks Landon’s Building Great Sentences and be tempted to give it a look. Granted, it’s not the most grabbing of titles. But Landon delivers exactly as promised, offering useful advice and his opinion on why focusing on the minutiae of sentence form can turn a good writer into a great writer.

In the past ten years, writing has become truncated, shortened to its core meaning, especially in the age of the internet. No more is this evident than the emergence of the Hemingway App, an admittedly super helpful tool for writers (which I use regularly-though not for these free-flowing blogs). The app helps writers eliminate needless words and distill their message while retaining the intended meaning. Hemingway is great, no doubt, but I’ve been having this feeling that it also kind of takes the soul out of your writing. Looking at a draft after its had a bout with Hemingway, you see that the writing has improved. But the new draft often looks like most internet-based writing: Informative, but without much style.

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