Hello Everybody And Welcome To My Site!

I’m a writing addict who is looking for a good project to sink my teeth into. Over the past seven years I have written articles and posts on religion, politics, technology, entertainment, music, and education (plus some that I’ve forgotten in time). I also shoot HD video and edit when I’m not writing and have created works of both fictional narrative and non-fiction documentary video.

If you need a writer for blog posts, interviews, features, scripts or anything else you can think of contact me at:
 foster978 (at) gmail.com
You can find a complete history of my publications and video works on my Portfolio page.
You can also read my random randomlings on my blog page (which I admittedly update on equally random intervals, but I’m trying to do better)
And lastly you can check out the page for Megachurched, the non-fiction book I’ve been working on for three years and counting (and which I update a bit more regularly)
Happy reading and I hope to hear from you, even if it’s just to say hello.

Joel Foster

Here is a contact form for your convenience. Don’t be shy!


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