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Here is a complete list of my past publications (at least those accessible on the net) grouped by subject

If you like what you see, contact me at Foster978(at)gmail.com. I offer very competitive rates, top notch quality, and quick delivery.

Now onto the fun…


Early on my career, soon after I graduated college, I had a great gig writing for Skope Magazine, a local publication. Sure it wasn’t glamorous like working for Rolling Stone, but I was able to interview some artists that I truly looked up to rather than having to ask Miley Cyrus about her twerking methods.

A few of my favorites are linked below. They feature Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion, New Jersey rapper Dalek, and Aaron Harris of Boston’s own Isis (which happens to be one of my all-time favorites)



Aaron Harris (Isis)


Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion)


My first interview, with long time jazz great Chico Hamilton, was awkward as can be imagined. I was unprepared, nervous and began by asking him how long he had been playing music. Sadly the question elicited a laugh from Chico. who had been playing music basically his whole life.

I guess there are dumb questions after all.

But Chico ended up being super nice, understanding, and classy. The following interviews went a little smoother.  I also got to interview Les Claypool of Primus, one of my heros, but I couldn’t find the profile on the Skope site. I’d be happy to provide a scan of the actual article if anyone is interested. One of my career highlights, for sure.


I’ve done a fair amount of political writing on the web and in print. My first assignment was writing for the Spare Change News, covering the Occupy Boston movement. I happened to be in Dewey Square the night that the Occupy camp was set up. At first I thought it would be another empty protest, but soon saw it expand into a full service camp that remained in place all throughout the summer. It was exciting to see the whole thing unfold in real time.

The first piece was a summary of the night featuring pictures of Occupiers. I purposely included a picture of the two elderly woman because the media portrayed the Occupy movement as a youth-only event and I wanted to show another side of it:


My second piece in Spare Change was an editorial looking at the similarities between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party:


Last year I wrote an article for Dig Boston soon after hearing that President Obama was coming to Boston. There was a protest planned in response to Obama’s waffling on the Keystone XL pipeline. I captured the event and interviewed protesters for this piece:



Last year I published an article in Music and Sound Retailer magazine. It was a unique assignment, where I would review music shops in the Tucson area in the guise of an undercover spy:



I also wrote lots of political satire for Mindwafers.com, a website that I help create and edit. I wrote articles as different characters, each having their own skewed point of view. One of my favorites was NewsBot3000, an automated news robot that held a snarky attitude toward government despite not having that whole sentience thing.

Here’s a few of my favorites:






I also shoot HD video (Canon 7D) and edit (Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere) and specialize in screenwriting. I hold an MA in Visual/Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston (alma mater of The Fonze!)

Here is my reel, updated about a year ago. It features much of the video work I’ve done in the past three years, which includes wedding, narrative features, and documentary work.

As I said I’m an expert screenwriter and could create a video work from start to finish. I’d be happy to supply you with a copy of some screenplays if you are interested. Again, email me at Foster978@gmail.com

For now here is a rough draft of the first part of a short film that I wrote, directed, and edited entitled Hello, Me about a man who thinks that his perfect mate can only be himself and has a clone made, resulting in disastrous circumstances:

  Final Goodbyes

Well that about does it. If you’re reading up to this point I bet you’re either sick of me by now or you want to hire me. If I’m right (about the second part) then please send me an email at Foster978@gmail.com and we can talk about how we can work together.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope to hear from you soon.

Joel Foster

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